4 Ways Popcorn and Candy Floss Machines Help Create Fun Work Events

Are your company parties a snooze? Uptight get-togethers with lots of small talk, lukewarm appetizers, and lame ice breakers can kill the vibe in an instant.

Just because you’re planning a work event doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Why not add some fun and flair with popcorn and candy machines, a photo booth or wacky mirrors?

Keep reading to discover tips on planning fun work events that take your corporate party to the next level!

1. Help Employees Feel Like a Kid Again

There’s something nostalgic about fresh popcorn, candy, and party games. People love the fun and childlike atmosphere of a carnival or fairground. Why not recreate this feeling at your next office party?

Employees need to maintain a certain level of professionalism while at work. Attending meetings, networking with clients, and offering top-notch customer service. This can get exhausting!

Help your staff unwind and shirk everyday responsibilities for one night by lightening the mood. The last thing your employees want is to attend a stuffy work event that mirrors their everyday routine.

They’ll be delighted to see a popcorn or candy floss machine alongside a dunk tank or photo booth!

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2. Encourage Mingling

When the party environment feels uptight, people are less likely to move around and mingle. Get those wallflowers into the mix by throwing a fun, inviting office party.

Fun work events are the perfect opportunity for staff to interact and develop new relationships or strengthen old ones. The more fun the event, the more likely team members are to let their guard down and find common ground.

The friendships forged at fun work events can transfer back to the office on Monday. A more positive work environment is a more productive one. In fact, one study showed a 12% boost in productivity when employees were happy.

Giving staff the opportunity to get to know each other on a more personal level can actually improve business in the long run.

3. Increase Attendance

The only thing worse than a lame work party is one with low attendance. Unfortunately, these two often go hand-in-hand.

Want to guarantee your staff actually attends your next corporate party? Then make it fun!

Ditch the dress code for the day, book a unique venue, or add some awesome booths that help staff let their hair down. Send out creative and colorful invitations in advance to help drum up excitement.

4. Create a Fun Theme

The best way to incorporate fun food booths at your next event is to create a theme. Theme parties inspire the decór, food selection, decorations, and even people’s outfits.

Why not plan a circus, carnival, or movie party? Have employees dress in fun costumes and colours. Add carnival games or even rides!

Photo booths filled with theme-inspired props will make for lasting memories.

Fun Work Events Are All About the Food

It’s no secret that the food is the centre of any party. Spice up your next work event with popcorn and candy floss machines. Choose a theme that compliments these fun food additions.

Don’t forget to book a funky photo booth for a night your staff won’t soon forget.

Get started planning your next fun work event by getting a photo booth quote today.