Planning a Bar Mitzvah Party? Don’t Forget the Photo Booth!

Years ago, it was new to have a photo booth at your party. It was one of those things that only fancy parties at the most expensive venues had.

But now? Photobooths at parties are the norm – and people notice if you don’t have one! Especially in the age where young people are favouring Instagram over Facebook more and more every day.

You know how they used to say “pics, or it didn’t happen?” Now it’s more like “Instagram, or it didn’t happen.” And you want your child’s Bat/ Bar Mitzvah party to be an event their friends remember for a lifetime. Right?

We thought so. Here are some fun examples of the photo booth options we have in stock!

bar mitzvah party dance floor
jacks bar mitzvah party
bar mitzvah wacky booth party

The Selfie Pod

If your child has ever watched a YouTube or TikTok video, they’ve likely seen the result of someone using a ring light. Ring lights are the newest form of photography lighting that everyone is using these days.

Our ring light is a little more special than the ones you can buy on Amazon, however. It’s not just a ring light – it’s a selfie station, too!

The touchpad in the middle of the ring light allows people to control the booth themselves, so you don’t have to pay for an attendant.

Learn more about our Selfie pod here.

ipad selfie pod
Pink Glitter Photobooth

The Big Booth

You know those photo booths that can fit two people (at most) in shopping centres and malls? The kind that spit out a narrow strip of four pictures?

Well, we’ve upgraded that with our big photo booth. It can fit up to eight people standing up, and we even have it in different colours so that it will match your decor!

Employ our biggest photobooth in silver, black glitter, pink glitter, or plain black.

Have older people coming to your event or just trying to be disability-welcoming? This booth is compatible with wheelchairs – something those in mall booths definitely can’t say.

Learn more about how to hire this big booth here.

bar mitzvah photobooth
bar mitzvah party

Light Up Letters or Numbers

Every attention-loving person wants to see their name in lights, and our light up letters make that dream possible.

The Wackybooth team has an arrangement of letters and numbers that are over 1.2 meters tall!

You can hire these in combination with our selfie pod, to make for the most creative photo booth your kid’s friends (and their parents) have ever seen.

And yes – we’ll make you a package deal! Spell out your son or daughter’s name in lights and send everyone home with pics that make them the centre of attention – even if they’re not in the pic!

See what options we have here.

Josh at his barmitzvah with light up letters

A Bat or Bar Mitzvah Party to Remember

Without a photo booth, there’s no proof that you threw a great party for your child and their friends. Plus, the photos they take home count as souvenirs, so you don’t have to worry about figuring that out too.

If you’re ready to make your child’s Bat or Bar Mitzvah party one for the (scrap) books, learn about all our photo booth options, here.

Filming Bat & Bar Mitzvah Celebrations

We have over 20 years experience in filming bar & bat mitzvah celebrations for Jewish families throughout London and Essex. Although most clients book us to film the festivities, we can also film rehearsals of the actual bar & bat mitzvah ceremony.

We are recommended by many of the popular venues in and around London and now offer many exciting new products and services to compliment our large existing range of Photo booths.

We understand the need for attention to every little detail and are here to help you. If you choose Wackybooth Events for your party, whether its big or small, you’ll get total peace of mind knowing there are no extra delivery or set up charges and the level of personal service will be of the highest standard.