Why You Should Hire a Selfie Pod for Your Next Event

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Leave the digital camera at home. You’re living in the age of the selfie. Making memories has never been easier or more fun.

Selfies are more than just up-close photos of bright, happy faces. You can also customise them with animal ears, hearts, and even animations.

Selfies are indeed a hit with Brits, but the real proof is in the numbers.

Brits are now snapping 450 selfies on average, according to recent studies. That’s 450 reasons to have a selfie pod at your next event.

Discover even more reasons to hire a selfie pod rental for your upcoming event!

A Twist on a Familiar Tradition

A selfie pod hire is a fun alternative to a traditional photo booth. Selfie pods also easier to set up and quicker to use. Guests can take unlimited photos and add effects, just like their favorite selfie apps.

Studies show that Brits between the ages of 16 and 29 account for 62% of all selfie snaps. This is another reason why selfie pods are a smarter alternative to the traditional photo booth, especially for private club parties.

Selfies are a byproduct of the digital age, so naturally, they’re also a hit at corporate events and tech startup parties.

A Major Marketing Opportunity

Selfie pods are the ultimate party entertainment for 2020. You can also customise them with your logo and branding to expand your marketing reach. This is an excellent advertising opportunity for your club, party planning business, or corporate event service.

Any business can benefit from renting selfie pods. Suppose you’re a restaurant owner with a grand opening on the calendar. Selfie pods are an excellent way to bring the community together and grow awareness for your restaurant.

Furthermore, guests can post selfie pod photos to social media, which is real-time marketing for your business. If you want to grow your social media reach, create a hashtag campaign to go along with your selfie pod.

Social media is all about documenting the moment. Active social media users won’t hesitate to use your hashtag if they’re having fun at your event.

A Versatile Solution

One of the best advantages of selfie pods is their size. They’re so small and compact, you can use them for both large and small events. You can even hire them for family reunions and backyard birthday parties.

Nan will have a blasting taking selfies with her grandchildren at the family reunion. Little kids can also get in on the fun by squeezing themselves into a selfie and customising their creations with burst GIFs .

Since selfie pods are so small and lightweight. They only measure approximately 1.5 metres tall and just over 500cm wide! There is less risk of injury, which makes them ideal for seniors and birthday parties for little kids. You can also move them around with ease.

Discover the Possibilities of a Selfie Pod

Your next event is the perfect opportunity to discover the benefits of selfie pods. Hire a selfie pod and see how quickly it brings your quests together.

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