4 Amazing Benefits of Hiring a Gif Photo Booth for an Event

Events have a way to bring people together and create a unique bond that can last a lifetime. No matter what your event is, you want to make sure that it is remembered as being a fun event.

You want the people who were there to say, “Do you remember that time when…” followed by a great story from the event.

You can make those memories last by having a GIF photo booth as a reminder of the moment. Read on to learn about many other benefits from having a GIF photo booth.

What’s a GIF?

A GIF is an animated image format that is made up of still photos. You’ve seen them online as they are among the most shared types of content.


A GIF photo booth can easily create GIF images from your event. It’s similar to a regular photo booth, with the exception that you’ll get images in motion from your event, as opposed to regular stills.

Benefits of a GIF Photo Booth

Now that you have a better understanding as to what a GIF photo booth is, let’s find out how it can turn your event into something special. These are just a few benefits of having your attendees have GIFs from the event.

1. Encourage Spontaneous Moments

Have you ever looked at photos from a wedding or corporate event? There are times when the photos seem staged, making the event look mediocre.

GIF photo booths allow for a little more creativity, especially when you give them props. People will immediately think about the crazy stuff they can do to post on their Facebook page.

2. You Have Shareable Content

When you look at the most shared items online, Gifs usually rank among the most popular. You can create buzz around your event by sharing GIFs online.

The people who were there can take their GIFs and make memes from them. This can give you a broad reach for your event and make people wish they were there in person.

3. You Don’t Have to Manage the Photographer

You have enough to do at your event, and you want to give yourself the space to enjoy it, too. A photo booth is already staffed by professionals.

They take care of the work for you and make sure that attendees have fun. That gives you the time and space to focus on enjoying yourself.

4. It’s a Way to Set Your Event Apart

A GIF photo booth is one of those things that makes people say, “What a great idea!” They walk away from the event with a customised party favour, too.

They’ll share it online, keep it, and share it over and over again. These images are more likely to be remembered, too.

Make Your Event Memorable

You put so much into planning your event to make sure that guests have a great time. You want them to associate your event with positive feelings.

A great way to do that is with a GIF photo booth. It can turn your event into one that people will remember and share with others. That will make everyone they wish they were there.

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