Flash bang wallop! Why a great prop makes such a fab photograph.

If you get to visit Warner Bros Studios in California you may be lucky enough to take a walk in their huge Prop Warehouse and sneak a peak at the amazing stock of weird and wonderful objects that can be hired from the studios for the many films and TV shows that are produced there.

The massive collection of fully itemised props is one of the biggest in the world and have featured in the making of hit comedy shows like Friends, The Big Bang Theory and also many blockbuster films inc The Batman Dark Knight trilogy.

Film & TV directors have an unlimited source of props at their disposal at any given time which is just as well because every set of each different scene usually starts with just an empty shell.

Wackybooth also have a great selection of props to choose from at your event or party.

Our studies have shown that one of the most exciting things guests look forward to when using a Photobooth is the Prop selection and many of our visitors regularly leave positive comments on the great quality and selection of props we have to offer at each event .

Think of the excitement when a child enters a Photobooth for the first time and finds an Aladdin’s cave of amazing Hats , Glasses, Masks, Wigs and Word props to choose from. It’s like all their Christmasses came at once!

Every Photograph tells a story and having a wealth of fun and well kept props to choose from can really enhance a Photo booth experience.

Popular props requested for birthdays include “Happy Birthday” signs or speech bubbles and Inflatable Champagne bottles.

We always take over 100 pairs of novelty glasses to every event so guests can mix and match these with their favourite hat or outfit. Want to be a police officer or a rock star- no problem we’ve got it covered.
How about your favourite Marvel or DC superhero or cartoon character.

For Weddings and Anniversaries we bring a range of printed chalkboards that say “Congratulations” or Happily Ever After” and our popular printed word prop signs are great for group photos like “Bridesmaids” or ” Team Bride”
There is also a good selection of lips on sticks or fake moustaches to try out.

Our large Photo frames are a must have at every event are available in a variety of shapes and colours.

For corporate events there are always plenty of topical word props to choose from such as ” Best Worker” or “Deserves a Raise!”

Many of these type of events are themed so if there is a 1920’s theme for example, then our Gatsby range might just be perfect with a selection of headdresses, pearls, hats, gloves and fake cigars!

If Social Media is important to you then a range of customised word props can be printed and supplied to include hashtags or company names.

Our popular Instaframe prop is available is two different sizes and provides a great way to show off all your companies social media in one shot!

Alternatively if you just want to show what mood you are in then why not pick up one of our fab Emojis that say it all. We all love to dress up – it’s why having a picture in a Photobooth is so much fun so make sure it’s a Wackybooth and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. We specialise in stunning photos and booths suitable for any private or corporate event. To see what we can do for you, just¬†contact us today!