Say Cheese! 6 Photo Booth Props to Make Your Event One to Remember

What if your next party was completely unforgettable?

A photo booth is the secret to helping your guest make awesome memories. For those memories to truly shine, you need to have the best photo booth props.

Wondering which props make everything from weddings to bat mitzvahs “pop?” Keep reading to find out!

1. Class It Up

A fun photo booth lets someone pretend to be someone else. What better fantasy than “crazy rich?”

“Fancy” props may include top hats, canes, and jackets. If you’re on a budget, 2-dimensional paper versions of these props also make for really great photos.

2. Go Retro

Most people will take their photos on a fancy, modern smartphone. Ironically, though, nothing is hotter right now than “retro.” From sneakers to major renovations, our heads are in the past.

Make your guests feel like they’re in an episode of Stranger Things with retro clothing they can try on. Don’t forget retro props such as Gameboys and Walkman players.

Finally, let your guests know which filters are best to give those photos a throwback feel!

3. A New Man (Or Woman)

Photo booths are a great way to help people celebrate major life events. You can make those events even more special with the right props.

Let’s say someone just turned 21. To help them celebrate, you can have signs with phrases such as “Look who can finally buy a drink.” For bonus points, put such phrases on a pointing arrow.

This lets various people pose with the birthday boy or girl. That guest of honor will have photos of all their guests to remember the event.

4. Cutting Up With Cutouts

When it comes to great photo booths, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. In fact, you can borrow a few ideas from your local circus!

Cutouts are a staple of hilarious photoshoots. The idea is simple: you have a cutout of someone with cartoonish features. The cutout has space for your guests to put their heads through.

Each guest can take photos while pretending they are characters like a strong man, beach babe, and so on. These hilarious photos will be going viral soon after your event.

5. True Love

Many guests don’t come solo to major events. Instead, they bring their boyfriends and girlfriends. Help them celebrate their romance with some “true love” props!

Paper hearts, Cupids, and Cupid’s arrows all make for a fun addition to any romantic photo. Don’t be afraid to include a few “random” items that allow the happy couples to create their own hilarious poses.

6. Destination Theme

All of us dream of exotic destination vacations. Why not channel that fantasy into your photo booth?

Pick a destination theme such as “Hawaii” or “France.” Then, use a combination of props and printed screens to make a destination photo backdrop.

Such a photo booth theme is surprisingly easy to set up. The results are truly unforgettable!

Photo Booth Props: Making Magic Together

Now you know about the best photo booth props. However, do you know who can make your next event the toast of the season?

We specialize in stunning photos and booths suitable for any private or corporate event. To see what we can do for you, just contact us today!