The Life of the Party: The Benefits of Photo Booth Hire

Did you know that in England and Wales there were 239,020 marriages in 2015? Are you considering a photo booth hire for your special occasion whether for a wedding or other event?

In this article, you’ll discover the many benefits of having a photo booth at your event. Read on to discover why so many choose fun and exciting photo booths for their special events.

1. Encourages Spontaneity

Having a photo booth hire at your event allows your event to not just have the perspective of the photographer, but the perspective of others at your event. Guests at your event will have fun taking pictures in a photo booth, plus have more spontaneous pictures than just what your photographer takes.

2. Affordable Entertainment

If you decide to have a cocktail bar or live band, the prices can wrack up quickly. A great benefit of a photo booth is it’s affordable and great fun for all. You don’t have to worry about breaking your bank for guests to have fun.

3. Guest Friendly

Gone are the days of super techy photo booths that are hard to figure out. Many booths of today are so advanced that you can get them working with a touchscreen menu or wireless remote.

4. Great Wedding Favors

Forget the expensive wedding favours you’ll have to get each person who attends. Instead, you can have a photo booth so they’ll have memorable pictures from your event. Many are customizable as well so they can have the date and your names from the wedding so they can always remember your special day.

5. Special Moments Captured

A great feature about a photo booth is since it’s in a controlled environment, the lighting and effects can be better than pictures taken outside of the booth. Photo booths tend to be fun for many, so don’t be surprised to find a long line forming to go in the booth.

6. No Pressured Guests

When you have professional photographers trying to get your guests to pose for pictures it might make them feel uncomfortable and shy. If you decide to have a photo booth hire, your guests can choose whether or not to use it and will result in more authentic and comfortable pictures and poses.

This makes your guests feel more comfortable knowing that it’s there if they choose. They might get encouraged by their loved ones to get a sentimental photo with each other they can cherish.

7. Props Galore

Traditional photos guests are just smiling and posing for a picture. The great thing about a photo booth is there are props for your guests to use for their fun and enjoyment. They can strike a pose while holding an assortment of different props to really make the picture come to life.

The Benefits of Photo Booth Hire

When searching for fun and memorable things to have on your special occasion, don’t forget to include a photo booth hire. Would you like to get started on ordering a photo booth hire for your event? Contact us today and you’ll be in good hands!